Refrigerator Repair Experts

Did you know that a fridge doesn’t actually cool things, instead it removes heat? We could go through the physics of it, but you’re probably here to get your fridge fixed, not to learn about chemical compounds switching between liquid and gas states. You can leave that to our Raker Appliance Repair technicians, who have been completing fridge repairs in the Baltimore area for 45 years and counting.

Refrigerators are composed of five major components; the refrigerant, the compressor, the condenser, the expansion valve, and the evaporator. All of these components work together to regulate the temperature inside of your fridge. Ideally, when everything is working properly, your food is kept in an environment that hovers just above freezing at 35º F. When those elements aren’t working in unison, your fridge might get too cold, too warm, or not work at all. If that’s the case, it’s probably time to place in a service call to Raker Appliance Repair.

A few things to check first…

Before you make your service call, there are a few things you can check that might be causing your fridge to act up. First, check the condenser coils. Your user manual should have instructions on how to clean the coils, but for most, a vacuum hose and brush will be able to clear any dust and extend the life of your fridge. You should also check to see if your vents are obstructed. The vents allow essential airflow to enter the refrigeration system, so if they are blocked, your fridge may run hot. If you’re concerned about your freezer, often times excess frost is caused by the freezer door being left open. If the frost is only on your food, it’s most likely from an open door, if it’s on the back wall of the freezer, you should call a technician.

If none of the above solutions are helping your fridge run more efficiently, it’s definitely time to give Raker Appliance Repair a call at 410.592.7749. Our name has been trusted in Maryland for fridge repairs, we look forward to gaining the trust of your household as well.