Over 45 years of dryer repair

There are few things worse in the world than a dryer that won’t fully dry a load of laundry. We’ve all been there before. Just enough time to get a shirt or a pair of pants through the washer and dryer before a meeting or event, except the dryer decided to only do half the job that day. Though some dryer issues can be diagnosed at home, many times it’s worthwhile to call up a repair technician to service your dryer. Raker Appliance Repair has been a trusted name for dryer repairs in the Baltimore area for over 45 years.

Some dryer issues are caused by user error. A clogged lint screen, an overloaded machine or blocked ventilation can all cause your dryer to not run, have issues drying clothes fully, or to shut off quickly after starting. Many times though, these malfunctions are caused by mechanical errors, in which case it’s recommended to call a repair technician to diagnose the problem.

There are two main types of dryers on the market today; electric dryers and gas dryers. Both types have a unique method for drying your clothes, but at the end of the day share a lot of common issues. When you’re dryer isn’t working properly, there are several components that a repair technician will examine. These components could include the power supply, door switch, thermal fuse, the heating element, vents, and thermostat to name a few. At Raker Appliance Repair we thoroughly look over every component to keep all repairs down to one service call if possible.

Let us help you fix your dryer

Raker Appliance Repair services all major dryer brands. So if you’re in need of a dryer repair in the Greater Baltimore area, give us a call. We won’t dry your clothes for you, but we’ll make it a whole lot easier than hanging them out on the line.