Keep those clothes clean

Most people put a lot of effort into crafting their wardrobe, sometimes spending years and thousands of dollars to achieve the look and variety they desire. After all of that effort, some of us continually put our clothes into under-performing washing machines, slowly turning our top-notch wardrobes into washed out rags. The only way around this fate is to properly maintain your washing machine, which often times means calling a certified repair technician. Raker Appliance Repair has been providing Maryland washer repair services for over 45 years.

There are several common issues that most washers face over time. From not turning on, to not spinning, draining, or finishing a cycle, there are a wide range of issues that a washer can experience. And of course, the issue nobody wants to walk in on, an overflowing washer, occasionally pops up as well. It’s probably no surprise that when the main components of a washing machine break down; the motor, hoses, drain pump, and agitator, that there is a higher likelihood for your washer to experience a drop in performance.

Another secret killer of washing machine performance is soap buildup. Soap build up can cause your machine to carry an unfavorable smell, destroy drive-train sensors, and corrode the metal supports inside your machine. The only way to prevent soap buildup is to make sure you are using the proper amount of detergent and to regularly clean the inside of your washer.

We can get your clothes washer running

As you can tell, though we use washing machines for such a simple task, they have the ability to experience a bevy of problems and even ruin the quality of our clothes. If you’re noticing a drop in your washing machine’s performance, or that it is running oddly, we encourage you to give Raker Appliance Repair a call to inquire about our Maryland washer repair services. It’ll be a whole lot easier than hand washing.