Whirlpool’s long history of home appliances

Whirlpool is a company with a unique history. The company began as the Upton Machine Company, specializing in motor-driven wringer washers. That was back in 1911. Since then there have been several name changes and ventures that the corporation has gone through. Their research in refrigeration and other home appliance technologies have earned them some surprising contracts over the years. Perhaps the most interesting being that they developed freeze-dried ice cream for NASA during the Apollo Missions!

Today Whirlpool is the largest home appliance company in the world and one of the most recognizable home appliance brands. They literally produce almost every appliance one can have in their home. The long list of appliances include fridges, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, disposers, water heaters, filtration systems, central heating units, washers, dryers, and a whole lot more. If you own a home, it’s safe to say, it might be a good idea to have a local Whirlpool appliance repair company that you can trust.

Raker’s long history of repairing home appliances

Raker Appliance Repair has been repairing Whirlpool products for 45 years. Since Whirlpool is a leading appliance repair brand, and the umbrella company to several other major brands, they are also often producing cutting-edge technologies with each new line of products that they put out. At Raker we take pride in staying up to date with the latest products in order to best service our customers and keep their appliances running for years to come.

People have relied on home appliances for decades to make daily tasks easier and to allow for more leisure time. Unfortunately every now and then those appliances break down and need to be repaired. If you’re in need of a trusted Whirlpool appliance repair technician, give Raker Appliance Repair a call. It’ll take us one service call to get your kids back to doing their chores and earning their allowance.